ELLIS Patrick J C


Patrick joined in September 1981 and resigned because of ill health on the 31st December 2012. Patrick had several philatelic interests, of which German East Africa was the main one. (He had lived in Tanganyika where he worked in law). This interest led him to join both the German Colonies Collectors Group and the East Africa Study Circle (of which he was its Chairman for several years). It was natural that he should become a member of our Study Circle as well.

Also, he had an excellent collection of Cyprus and was a great supporter of the Cyprus Study Circle, being the editor of its journal ( Cyprus Circular Post) for many years.

Patrick did not enjoy exhibiting competitively, but on occasion Patrick showing part of his did so successfully. He found displaying his collection at local collection to a friend in 1978 philatelic societies to be more enjoyable. As the author of numerous articles in a number of philatelic publications, he has given us a research legacy.